Friday, June 11, 2010

Follow Friday

On this Follow Friday, I'd like to introduce you to Genealogy Geek.

While the author of this blog does not truly identify herself, she does have this to say:

"So, who the heck am I? I’m the wearer of many hats and master juggler of the to-do list. I’m a mom, wife, geek, life-long student, should-have-been-librarian, family Keeper Of The Records, and ex-Borg with penchants for genealogy, technology, photography, publishing, lovable labs, and dark chocolate.

You’re still reading? OK…I started researching my family’s history longer ago then I can remember, but do have the application I filled out for my great-grandfather’s Civil War military papers. I was 13. I was a geek even then. Over time I’ve expanded my research lines to include McMullen, Hansford, Jensen, Bradell, Griffin, and Dill.

I grew up and studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder, receiving a bachelors in biology and doing post-graduate work in evolutionary genetics. Post-college work has included time at a landscape architecture firm, Boeing, Microsoft, and Virginia Mason Research. And now? Trying to combine my many interests into a new and wonderful career."

I've absolutely fallen in love with this blog! This lovely lady writes a sense of humor that is rare! She actually makes her posts FUN  to read!

Visiting Genealogy Geek  is a refreshing breath of clear, pure, genealogy fun!

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Elizabeth said...

Cyndi -

I'm SO honored by this posting!! Thank you.

I think I hadn't even realized I didn't identify myself in the About Me until I read it here. Perhaps I just assumed the only folks that would read it would be those that already know me. I'll have to go in and fix that soon as I can.

I'm inspired to see that you post on a such a regular basis--something I'm still striving to do obviously. I look forward to digging more into your blog.

Thank you again for the kind words and the area you live in looks gorgeous!