Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whose Father Is He?

The following is from Eastman's EOGN for 31 Mar 2009:

"Whose Father Was He?

Several readers wrote yesterday and today about a series of articles appearing this week in the New York Times. It concerns a soldier killed in the American Civil War.

The soldier’s body was found near the center of Gettysburg with no identification — no regimental numbers on his cap, no corps badge on his jacket, no letters, no diary. Nothing save for an ambrotype (an early type of photograph popular in the late 1850s and 1860s) of three small children clutched in his hand. Within a few days the ambrotype came into the possession of Benjamin Schriver, a tavern keeper in the small town of Graeffenburg, about 13 miles west of Gettysburg. Then the story says this photograph of three small children was used for both good and wicked purposes.

You can read Episode #1 of this story at while The Times promises an additional episode will be published every day this week.

UPDATE: Part 2 is available at "


I urge you to read these articles at The Times. They are absolutely fascinating! A real joy to read! - cbh

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