Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adopted or Biological Lineage?

We were recently asked the following question:

"I have been perplexed for some time with this issue and don't know where to turn. When doing my genealogy, my father was adopted and my problem is this, do I do use the biological lineage or the adoptive lineage for him? Most programs that I have found do not allow for both. Is there a solution for this? "

Well, my solution is to do both!

I feel that the reader is wrong in stating that most programs do not allow for both lines. I have used PAF [personal ancestral file, the free Family Search program] and Family Tree Maker. Both of these programs allow for multiple lines of parentage.

Wouldn't it be fantastic for the adoptees family in the distant future to be able to look through your research and find BOTH sets of parents?

It works the same for step-parents. Many, many children are raised by someone other than their biological parents. And those "adopted" parents are more closely tied to them than any bloodlines could ever make them. And yet, they still want to know about their biological lines.

I, hands down, 100%, encourage you to pursue both lines. - cbh


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Excellent advice! I was in this "predicament" also. I have an adoptive line, birth line and step line. I did all three and am so glad I did.

My Family Tree Maker supports all these lines too.

Happy Researching!

ElaineL said...

I've had this problem as well, I was adopted by my mother's second husband...I searched out my paternal bloodline...and thank the Lord, a cousin of my adoptive daddy did the search on this side...so I have both!