Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Taken from the 31 Mar 2009 Eastman's EOGN:

I am experimenting with a new feature on this newsletter: you can now listen to the articles on your computer, on your iPod, or on most any other MP3 music player.

When you look at the newsletter's home page at, you will note that a new icon appears near the top of each article: Listen Now. Clicking on that icon allows you to listen to a computer-generated voice that reads the article to you. You can listen to it directly through your computer's speakers or have it sent to iTunes for later listening on an iPod or iPhone. Another option is to have the article sent to most any other MP3 player that is capable of accepting audio from the Internet. Finally, you can download articles as MP3 files and save them on your local hard drive and listen to them later at your convenience.

The new addition has two intended audiences:
* Vision-impaired newsletter readers.
* Anyone who would prefer to listen to newsletter articles while commuting or jogging or at other convenient times. You no longer have to be seated in front of your computer to read the articles.

This is an experiment to see if there is sufficient interest for the new option. If it isn't used much, I will delete it in a week or two.

I must admit that I find it amusing when the computer-generated voice reads those long URLs!"


You've got to give this a try! Works really well, and is great if you are trying to multi-task and want to get caught up on your newsletters at the same time. - cbh

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