Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday's Tip - One of My Favorite Sites For Research


Have you ever utilized Wikipedia.org for researching an ancestor?

You haven't? Well, why haven't you?

I have used this site sparingly, until this year. The main reason I was reluctant to use it, is because anyone can add to, or detract from, information placed on the site. So, I have always looked at it with trepidation. And I still do! However, I have found information regarding several of my ancestor's on this site, and then due to information listed here I was able to verify it with either local records, or with subscription sites.

I have found that this site gives me a great deal of information, and while I have been hesitant in the past, I am ready, now, to recommend it to you.

Here I have found information that was wickedly scandalous for some of my ancestors. And while I made notes in my notebooks, and not in my genealogy program, I was able to search through records and uncover some really remarkable things! (For instance, one my ancestors, along with her son, and a nephew, angered King Henry VIII, and he had them locked in the Tower of London, and later beheaded. And another was locked in the Tower, but was later allowed to go free as she had once assisted the King with a certain wife of the King, as he courted her, and so feeling generous, and because of her advanced age, he released her, and restored part of her lands and title back to he
I also found an uncle who ran for the US Senate and was able to provide proof that he did actually win the election. There was no one left that was living at the time, and the living brothers and sister were only able to tell me that they knew he was "in to politics".  To actually find records that supported this, was a great find! And I did it all because of the little knowledge that Wikipedia gave me.

I again remind you, if you use Wikipedia, please don't accept it as gospel! Instead, use that info as a jumping board to assist you getting into records you need to find to provide proof. The really fabulous thing about Wikipedia, is that most contributors have listed references, and their sources. So, finding the information won't be that hard to do. And once you have the source and information before you, then you can add it to your family tree program!

Why not give it a try? I think you'll find it very helpful!

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