Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday All Day Singing and Dinner on the Grounds

Sunday Singing and Dinner on The Grounds

How many of you grew up in a little country church? I bet those of you who did will remember those warm days of summer would the church would have all day singing and dinner on the grounds!

There was every kind of homemade dish imaginable to choose from! The ladies of the church always showed off their best cooking for these days! And desserts? Oooooo-weeeeeee! Talk about some good eating! (That was back before we needed to count calories, or carb's or had any idea that sugar was so toxic to our systems!) By the end of the day, all the men were unbuttoning that button on their waist-bands, and women were loosening up their apron strings! The children would be full after eating, and many a baby fell (and even older kids too) fell asleep on a blanket on the ground.

Folks would gather round, and the singing would begin, and go all day, and sometimes late into the evening. No one would want that magical time to end!

Here's a bit of an example of what those special days sounded like for us back then:

Leave it on, cause there's 17 songs  on this playlist! Enjoy!

Ya'all have a real nice evening, and God bless you ya'all!

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