Monday, March 20, 2017

Mystery Monday

Mystery Monday

Just a few short generations ago, there is a mystery that has yet to be solved. That of my great-great-grandfather, William Bean. (Not to be confused with his son also William.)

The elder William first appears in documents in 1804 at the age of 12 when he is placed in servitude as an indentured servant to one Mr. Ballard. A careful review of this document tells us nothing of why William was placed in indenturement. The event occurred on none other than his 12th birthday to be precise, September 18, 1804.

In February of the same year, a brother, John, was also placed as an indentured servant.

What happened to these young boys (John was 14 at the time of his placement) to put them in such a predicament?

DNA tests can tell us that he probably came from England or Ireland. But the trail literally is cold from that point.

There was a William McBean in the area just 10 years prior. This may have been senior William's father. And a Sarah Bean in the 1805 tax rolls that "owed nothing atoll, owning only her clothing and a spinning wheel". These are presumed to be the parents. But there is no definitive proof.

DNA has not been matched to any other Bean lines. Including Beane, Bane, McBean, MacBean, Bein, Been, and well, you get the general idea. It is as if our family literally dropped out of the sky!

We hope to one day find the missing puzzle piece. At least that is my goal.

Here's to hoping it won't be too much longer! Those of us with a real interest, well, we're not getting any younger!

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