Thursday, January 12, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday

There are few things that I could not separate myself from and get rid of if needed. This is one that I cannot get rid of.

This well worn, and much read and loved, large family Bible belonged to my Grandpa, Henry Condar Dreher. It isn't that old, being presented to my Grandpa in 1968, from my cousin, Charles (aka "Tinker"). The binding gave way years ago and Grandpa put it back together with packing tape. Yes, that's a repair Grandpa made more than 40 years ago. Yes! More than 40 years!

Grandpa was born on 31 December 1902. And he passed away on 17 May 1977.

My Mama had the Bible, as well as a collegiate library dictionary, that had belonged to Grandpa. When she asked me what I would like to have of Grandpa's, I said I'd like to have his dictionary. She asked if I would like his Bible as well, and I was thrilled to accept it!

Grandpa had studied to become a Lutheran minister. He did not finish, as his wife did not want to be married to a Lutheran. And especially not a small town minister, as it would have been too demanding a position, and she wanted him home to raise the children with her.

Grandpa once told me that not finishing up and becoming a minister is the only thing he regretted not doing in his life.

Even so, every morning he was up between 3am and 3:30am. He spent about 90-minutes to two hours reading and studying the Bible, and in prayer. His habits became my Mom's. And they became mine as well.

A good habit to be in.

I've worn the covers off of two Bible's in my lifetime. One I had recovered. The other I did not. I simply took craft paper and made a "paperback" cover for it. It's still brought off the shelf on occasion and read from. But it's this one here that reserve for special occasions. Leaving it open to Luke Chapter 2 for Christmas. To Matthew 27 for Good Friday  and to Mark 16 for Easter Sunday.

And just as it did to Grandpa, it speaks to me through its Holy Words.

Do you have something that you would call a family treasure? If so, please photograph it well, and make notes about it. Preserve it if you can. All for those who will follow in our footsteps, and desire to know about our ancestors.

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