Thursday, January 5, 2017

Those Places Thursday

This photo was taken at Bluestone Dam in Hinton, Summers County, West Virginia. It is a control of the New River and helps to form Bluestone Lake.

The dam was built beginning in 1949 as a flood control. At it's basin, the pool is 1,406.5 feet. It can withstand a "Noah flood" if need be. This past June of 2016 it was put to the test when the so-called "thousand year flood" hit the area, displacing thousands in areas nearby, but the dam held strong.

There is a You Tube video which was taken during the construction phase and is exceptional in looking at the construction and quarry mining of the stone needed to build it.

The dam provides for recreation in the area such as camping, hiking, fishing and boating. It is a favorite spot for many visitors. It is also a stop for the Amtrak rail system. And is located a short 12-miles from Interstate 64 at the Sandstone exit.

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