Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Travel Tuesday - My Favorite US Military Post

Back in 1979, I traveled to Furth, Germany to be with my (then) husband. It was a wonderful 2 year experience that I will never forget!

In the spring of 1980, my husband's unit was transferred and moved to Grafenwoehr. Most Army personnel, or ex-Army personnel, will know the place. This is where Elvis was stationed when he went to Germany! And there wasn't a German town more romantic than Graf.

I traveled about a bit, but this was always my most favorite post. I could've stayed there forever.

Here's a picture that anyone who has ever been there will recognize. The clock tower.

There is a saying among military wives: When you go to Germany you either come back home with a cuckoo clock, or a new baby. I guess I couldn't make up my mind. While stationed here, I gave birth to twins. Out of a post of about 2200 military civilians there were 20 that gave birth to twins that year, and I was one of the lucky ones.

I never have missed getting that cuckoo clock I wanted!

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