Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

What Are You Having For Thanksgiving Dinner?


This is the first Thanksgiving since I had children that I will neither be having dinner them, or with other family members. It will just be my husband and I. So I thought long and hard, questioned the dear hubby, and finally came up with a meal that is neither labor intensive or over abundant. Enough to make us celebrate our Thanksgiving to God for all of His abundance to us in the past year.


First there will be turkey. But alas, it will just be a turkey breast.

There will be cranberry sauce. But it will be canned, since it will only be eaten by myself.


Of course there will have to be green bean casserole!


Baked sweet potatoes, one for each of us. We prefer them baked like a white potato, and put a pat of butter in them just before consuming.

There will be turkey gravy. From a jar, as I am terrible at making gravy!


Stuffing from a mix.


Frozen yeast rolls. (You just let them rise and bake!)

And because dear hubby says he’s never had it, we’re having sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin.

There will be plenty of hot coffee and sweet tea. Maybe a little wine. And maybe after dinner and we’re sitting in the living room… a little egg nog may be called upon!

Whatever you have for Thanksgiving dinner, make it to suit you and your family. Start some NEW family traditions! And just enjoy the meal together. The fellowship. And don’t forget to give thanks for what you do have. So many don’t have anything this day.


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