Friday, November 28, 2014

And The Christmas Season Officially Starts!

While many of you will be out and about catching those "Black Friday" sales, I will be comfortably going about setting up my home for the holidays!

Usually we put up a 7-foot pine tree that dear hubs goes out to the lot and picks himself, as he has the best eye for a tree. But because our living room is filled with all of my physical therapy equipment now, we are opting for a 4-foot artificial tree, that can sit atop the bar between our living room and kitchen.  Next year I am hoping for another large tree, as by then, dd will have moved out, and my equipment can go into that bedroom, along with my office.

Today I begin to also watch all of the Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark, and of course, my favorite of all, the three "Santa Clause" movies with Tim Allen. They became an instant favorite for me. They bring back the innocence of childhood for me. And just while I am watching those....I can believe in Santa once more, the man.
Tim Allen in "The Santa Clause"

So, while you are out and about today, just think of me, hanging the stockings with care on the fireplace mantle, then snuggling up on the sofa with my sweet hubby, and sipping egg nog while watching films about Santa!
This is what excites me about Christmas. What gets you in the Holiday mood?


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