Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sibling Saturday - Anna and Adelaide

For those of you who have been following my blog this week, you will recognize the DuBois family whom I have been working on. This is the family of my gr-gr-gr-grandparents.

Born in 1840, my gr-gr-grandmother, Anna [Annette] was born to Nicholas DuBois and his wife Magdalain Houin. Anna was the DuBois' first born child.

In 1857 Anna married Joseph EVE [1829-1892].  Anna and Joseph had six children together:
Nicholas [1858-1923]; Lawrence [b.1860]; Alfred [b.1863]; Charles [b.1868]; Adeline [1867 - 1958]; Joseph [b.1870].

It is in 1870, following the birth of Joseph that Anna dies.

In 1871, just a few months after the death of Anna, Joseph remarries. This time to Anna's younger sister, Adeline. [It is Adeline that Anna's youngest daughter is named after. Adeline [the younger] is my great-grandmother.

Adeline [the elder] is left to raise Anna's six children, the youngest being a baby. At the same time, Joseph and Adeline begin having children of their own. Nine to be in fact! They are: Joseph [1872 - 1874; it is unsure if this is the same child as Anna's last born or not. If he is not, then Anna's son Joseph died as an infant.]; Frank [1874-1880]; Louis [1875-1968]; Mary [1879-1957]; James [1882-1962]; Hattie [1883-1967]; John Edward [1886-1966]; Gilbert [1888-1969]; and Flora [1890-1956].

To my knowledge, no photograph has been found of Anna. However, we have this lovely old one that shows Adeline, the dear sister who raised Anna's children...
Adeline Josepha DuBois Eve with one of her grandchildren and a beloved pet.
Absolutely priceless!

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