Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Come Sunday Morning

It seems I am always a bit late on Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun  challenges! Nonetheless, I look forward to them each and every week! So keep 'em coming Randy!

This week brought a whole new challenge, and something I had not practiced in a long, long time. Making a timeline.

Here's the challenge from Randy:

1) Have you created a Timeline for one of your ancestors using a genealogy software program (e.g., Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, Reunion, etc.) or an online family Tree (e.g., Ancestry Member Tree, FamilySearch Family Tree, Geni, MyHeritage, etc.), or in a spreadsheet (e.g., Excel)?

2)  If not, try to create a timeline using the program/website of your choice.  If so, create another one for the ancestor of your choice!

3)  Show us your Timeline creation, and tell us how you did it.  Which program/website, the process you used, and how you captured the images to display your timeline.

4)  Share your Timeline creation on your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or on Facebook or Google+.
Thanks Randy! I had to put on my thinking cap on this one!

I use the FTM 2010 version. Unfortunately, I haven't practiced making a timeline in my program in a long, long while [since I purchased the 2006 program I believe!] so I was completely rusty in doing this.

I clicked on the Search function and typed in "how to make a timeline" and nothing regarding a timeline appeared. So I remembered the K.I.S.S. [Keep It Simple Stupid] premise and typed in simply "timeline". Again, nothing regarding a timeline appeared.

Knowing that just about any kind of report is done through, and found in, PUBLISH on the program, I was finally able to locate TIMELINE under the PERSON REPORTS. [program-> person-> publish ->  person reports -> timeline].

I had the option of Sharing after the report is completed. The first part of sharing is saving the document to a BMP file [or PDF]. When saving to a BMP file, I simply changed the option to a JPG file instead, and the result is below:

[You should be able to see the original by clicking on the image.]
This timeline is for my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Reverend Samuel Perkins. He was born 21 April 1778 in Virginia and died 19 January 1854 in Greenbrier County, [West] Virginia.
The timeline includes his marriages [deaths of the spouse] and the births of his children.
Great challenge Randy! Can't wait for next weeks challenge!



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