Monday, August 26, 2013

Matrilineal Monday

Today we're going to look at my Matrilineal line. This is a line I don't talk about as much as the other line, as sometimes it is very difficult to locate information on it. However, I hope to be able to set down more time to research this line, and perhaps take that much needed trip to Indiana for research soon!

So, let's start with my Mother:

1] Lois Velleda Dreher - born in Indiana.
Lois Velleda Dreher

2] Irene Caroline Banet - b: 24 May 1906, Indiana; d: 22 Aug 1989, Gap Mills, Monroe, West Virginia; burial: Georgetown, Floyd, Indiana
Irene Caroline Banet

3] Adeline Josephine Eve - b: 11 Feb 1867, Indiana; d: 5 Nov 1958, Floyd County, Indiana; burial: Georgetown, Floyd, Indiana
Adeline and her husband, Frank

4] Annette DuBois - b: 12 Feb 1840, Indiana; d: 01 May 1870, New Albany, Floyd, Indiana; burial: Floyds Knobs, Floyd, Indiana
Annette "Anna" DuBois Eve

5] Magdelena Houn - b: 1821, France; d: UNK, Floyd County, Indiana

This is not a very long lineage, as you can easily see. And while there is very little I know, beyond my great-grandmother, about these women, I continue to strive to find out as much as I possibly can.

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