Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: December 2 - Holiday Foods


Did your family or ancestors serve traditional  dishes for the holidays? Was there one dish that was unusual?

If my ancestors served anything other than "Americanized" Christmas traditional foods, I have not been made aware of it. I know both of my grandparents served a traditional Christmas dinner each year. There was the usual Christmas turkey or ham, or perhaps a roast goose if one had been killed in the wild. Sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, and cranberries.

Were there any unusual dishes? No... you probably couldn't tell there table from any other American's.

Although a few years ago, I decided to break totally from the norm and have a real English Christmas. With some foods my dear hubby had never eaten before. [I had enjoyed these foods, but at different times, never all at the same meal before!]

We had a roast goose. My DH had always heard how greasy a goose was, and therefore would never eat it. So, I proceeded to roast a goose that wasn't greasy. [Ahhh, that marvellous invention that is called the meat rack! It lifts the bird from the roasting pan and allows the fatty juices to drain away!] Needless to say, hubby was quite impressed!
Chestnut dressing topped it off!

We had blood pudding. Of which I simply said "taste and then decide before I tell you what it is!". He ate two helpings. I told him the food he was eating and he promptly said "don't ever do that to me again!" [Oh the power of the mind! LOL]

Corn pudding. No, it's not a real English dish, but it is an American ingredient that was anglicized. That he enjoyed!

We had a boiled plum pudding. With a thick creamy sweet sauce! Oh my! He loved that!

All with herbed boiled potatoes.

We laughed as it wasn't a typical Christmas meal for either of us.... but it was so much fun! [Well, except for the blood pudding! LOL]

Growing up, Mother always served Christmas dinner on her finest china. The table set as if for royalty. I do so miss that! Today we go to my sister's house for the holidays, as that's where my parents now live. Dinner is usually set on paper plates for ease of cleaning up afterwards. And we eat wherever we can find a seat. Spread out about the house.

This year we are going to my youngest brother's house. He and his wife have determined to make the entire meal on their own! [Something we've never done before! It's always been a shared task among the many of us.] So, it will be a different experience for us all!

I am hoping next year we can have a dinner simply here at home, with just our own families. Perhaps meeting up later in the evening for coffee and dessert to exchange gifts. Why? Because I'd like the opportunity to set my table in my china. Have a special meal just for my beloved hubby, and whatever children and grandchildren can make it to our home that day! That would be my wish.

And my greatest joy!

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DianaR said...

When I was growing up my mother's family always had a big Christmas dinner with a fancy table - china and all. Well, at least the ADULT table had the china ;-) Now we only bring out all the china once in awhile and generally not for Christmas.