Saturday, November 6, 2010

Surname Saturday - Bateman

of 2. Walter Maxwell BEANE and 3. Lois Velleda DREHER. She married Johnnie Lee HENRY in Covington, Alleghany Co., VA, son of Joseph Wright HENRY and Betty Louise Rotge. He
was born in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX.

son of 4. John Monroe BEAN and 5. Mary Elizabeth FAUDREE. He married Lois Velleda DREHER
in Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.
of 6. Henry Condar DREHER Jr. and 7. Irene Caroline BANET.

Waiteville, Monroe Co., WV. He was the son of 8. William McHarvey BEAN and 9. Margaret Smith
PERKINS. He married Mary Elizabeth FAUDREE 1935 in Clifton Forge, Alleghany, Virginia.
5.Mary Elizabeth FAUDREE was born on 03 June 1897 in Sweet Springs, Monroe, West Virginia. She was the daughter of 10. Stephen Ledford FAUDREE and 11. Elizabeth CARNEFIX.

He died on 14 May 1890 in Gap Mills, Monroe Co, WV. He was the son of 16. William M. BEAN and
17. Rachel WISEMAN. He married Margaret Smith PERKINS on 26 Aug 1852 in Monroe County,
1891 in Monroe County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of 18. Samuel PERKINS and 19.

Wiseman's Hollow, Potts Creek, Monroe County, WV. He was the son of 32. William McBEAN and
33. Sarah BANE. He married Rachel WISEMAN on 20 Nov 1813 in Monroe County, VA.
Potts Creek, Monroe County, WV. She was the daughter of 34. Joseph WISEMAN and 35. Elizabeth

in Monroe County, Virginia. He was the son of 68. Isaac WISEMAN Jr. and 69. Elizabeth DAVIS. He
married Elizabeth BATEMAN.
Monroe County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 70. Henry BATEMAN and 71. Elizabeth

BATEMAN and 141. Anne DAVIS. He married Elizabeth UNKNOWN.

married Anne DAVIS.
John BATEMAN was born in 1669 in Ireland. He died in 1765 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. HeAnne DAVIS was born 1700 in Pennsylvania. She died Aft. 1741 in Virginia.
Henry BATEMAN was born in 1736 in Berks County, Pensylvania. He was the son of 140. JohnElizabeth UNKNOWN was born 1740 in Berks County, Pensylvania.
Joseph WISEMAN was born on 29 Mar 1759 in Berks County, Pensylvania. He died on 27 Dec 1836Elizabeth BATEMAN was born 10 Jul 1762 in Berks County, Pensylvania. She died 03 Sep 1842 in
William M. BEAN was born on 18 Sep 1792 in Baltimore, Maryland. He died on 01 Jan 1864 inRachel WISEMAN was born 23 Apr 1790 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. She died 07 Nov 1856 in
William McHarvey BEAN was born on 26 Aug 1832 in Dropping Lick, Near Zenith, Monroe Co, VA.Margaret Smith PERKINS was born 03 Mar 1826 in Greenbrier County, Virginia. She died 11 Jun
John Monroe BEAN was born on 15 Dec 1866 in Cincinatti, Ohio. He died on 10 Apr 1954 in
Walter Maxwell BEANE was born in Waiteville, Monroe County, WV. He was theLois Velleda DREHER was in Georgetown, FLoyd Co., IN. She was the daughter
Cynthia Ann BEANE was born  in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN. She was the daughter

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