Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sorting Saturday

I have been asked how I manage to keep all of my multiple lines of research separated.

I have my families research... the Bean's, Dreher's, Banet's, Faudree's, Wickline's, Wiseman's, Benzel's, Eve's, Tuckwiller's, Parkins, etc.

And then I have my husband's... the Henry's, the Rotge's, Clements, Hardin's, Pettie's, etc.

Of course, in the software I use, there's no problem. But what about all of those loose files? The birth records, marriage records, death certificates, land grants, taxes, military discharges, and records?

That is where the color file binders come into play. Each family has a different color. And each folder has the name of the family printed on the spine. I need only pull the correct folder from the bookcase and add the record to the correct family inside.

This helps me tremendously.

How do you manage to keep all of the families organized that you are researching???

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