Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surname Saturday

Another brick wall in my husband's research, the Williams family:

Johnnie Henry - He was the son of 2.Joseph Wright HENRY and 3. Betty Louise Rotge.

2. Joseph Wright HENRY was born on 20 Sep 1927 in Fulton County, KY. He died on 16 Nov 1993 in

Batesville, Panola, Mississippi. He was the son of 4. William Lee HENRY and 5. Emma Louise PETTIE. He married Betty Louise Rotge on 30 Jul 1947.

5. Emma Louise PETTIE was born 16 Jun 1895 in Columbus, Hickman, Kentucky. She died Aug 1985
in Fulton, Fulton, Kentucky. She was the daughter of 10. Timothy Martin PETTIE and 11. Elizabeth

11. Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS was born Feb 1854 in Kentucky. She died Aft. 1930. She was the

daughter of 22. Jessie H. WILLIAMS and 23. Rebecca wifeofJessieWilliams.was born Feb 1854 in Kentucky. She died Aft. 1930.

22. Jessie H. WILLIAMS was born in 1817 in Kentucky. He died before 1880. He married Rebecca

wifeofJessieWilliams before 1840.

23. Rebecca wifeofJessieWilliams was born 1820 in Kentucky.
And here the trail runs cold! Again, it is my hope to one day push beyond this wall!

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