Monday, September 13, 2010

Mentionable Monday

This Week’s Highlights

"Rock Creek Cemetery Found!!"
By I Never Knew My Father
Fantastic account of a long-looked-for cemetery! Loved this…it’s every tombstone hunters dream come true! Blog
Discovering Names In Unexpected Places
A story of finding family names on a little wallet sized photo after enlarging it!

Dick Eastman’s “5 Best Free Websites To Learn Foreign Languages” over on EOGN  gave us some great ideas on how to learn that language we’re dying to be able to read in order to get through some of those brick walls!

Jean-Yves Baxter brings us the “World's Oldest Stock Certificate Found In Dutch Museum's Archive” on their blog, GeneaNet
This wonderful stock certificate is for the Dutch India Company and was issued in 1606!!!

Michael John Neill brings us Might Does Not Make It Right on their Genealogy Tip of the Day blog.  Just because a date is repeated several times in a document, doesn’t mean that it’s correct!

Japan Says Over 230,000 Listed Centenarians Can't Be Found – was found on GeneaNet’s blog More than 230,000 people listed as alive and at least 100 years old in Japan cannot be found, including 884 who would be 150 or older.

Genealogy In Time
Had a great article in their newsletter, “50 Best Genealogy Brickwall Solutions”.
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of the new ways I will be trying to overcome an insurmountable brickwall!

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