Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surname Saturday

Today's Surname Saturday isn't actually part of my personl tree, and yet... well, it is!

See... my grandfather was married three times, having outlived his first two wives.

His second wife, Ada Burdette has posed a slight brickwall. And if I ever find time to get back to my own research, well, I might actually find a way to get through it!

So... today's surname actually starts with Grandpa's second wife:

Ada Burdette: b. 15 Dec 1883, Greenbrier Co., WV to

Hugh H. Burdette - b. 29 Aug 1860 Greenbrier Co., WV - d: 10 Nov 1944 Monroe Co., WV married
Annie S. Level - b. 08 Jan 1866 WV - d: 04 Jun 1935 WV
m: 1881

Annie S. Level born to William Francis Level - b: 1833 VA - d: Bef. 1870 and Sarah Ruth Gibson - b. 22 Jun 1835 Greenbrier Co., [W] VA - d: 22 Sep 1927 Greenbrier Co., WV
m: 08 Feb 1856 VA

Sarah Ruth Gibson born to:
R.H. GIBSON - b: Greenbrier Co., [W]VA
Unknown SPOTTS - b: Greenbrier Co., [W] VA

And it is here the trail runs cold for now.

Perhaps one day I will actually find the time I need to gather and work on this line! For now... we leave it here.

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