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Tombstone Tuesday - November 10, 2009

Dorothy Eloise Bean
22 Oct. 1923 - 14 Feb. 1925

"Eloise" was the 11th child born to John Monroe Bean, Sr., and the 6th born to his second wife, Ada Burdette Bean.

John's first wife, Blanche Crosier Bean, had died in 1902, leaving him with 3 very small children; the youngest, Pauline, was exactly 3-months old when her mother died of "consumption" [tuberculosis]. The doctors had tried many "home remedies" to cure Blanche, including drinking large quantities of creosote in milk. [Today we know those "cures" probably hastened her demise.]

In 1907, John then married Ada Burdette. The couple was plagued with heartache!

Samuel Maxwell Bean was born to the couple on 27 April 1919. "Max" was a very young 4-years old when he developed whooping cough and died on 16 December 1923.

Young Pauline, who aspired to become a missionary, and who attended God's Bible College in Ohio, developed tuberculosis. While it did not affect her lungs, she developed a kind then known as "scrofula". Her body developed huge boil-like lesions all over it. She was racked in pain. Her college roommate also developed tuberculosis, but was sent west to a sanatorium, and survived. [She went on to have a large family, and lived until the 1980's.]

Pauline, loved her step-mother and the brothers and sisters her father and step-mother added to the family. But little Eloise was her favorite. She'd sit for hours and cuddle with the baby. She even took the wee one into her bed with her at night, to help care for her.

Of course, poor little Eloise contracted tuberculosis, from being so close to her big sister, Pauline. The baby died on February 14, 1925 [Valentine's Day].

Pauline lived only until June 25th of the same year, when she succumbed.

On 10 August 1929, Ada gave birth to a son, Jack. Ada, who had not received proper pre-natal care, developed toxemia during the pregnancy. She died 5-days after the birth of her son.

Ada, Max, Pauline, and Eloise are all buried in the Carmel Cemetery at Gap Mills, Monroe County, West Virginia.

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