Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 Things I Am Thankful For This Year...

This year I am truly blessed to have my son and grandson at home with us. Last year, my youngest daughter was here, this year she is miles away in Indiana. Our other children are scattered about the country, so having this one home is special to us!

I am preparing to leave with my dear hubby, son and grandson to go to my sister's farm for the day, where we will celebrate with feast and family. As I sit here, I began to reflect on just what I am truly thankful for. And so I decided to list for you my top ten for the year:

1: I am thankful for my health. These past 3 months I have been on a new health regimen that has allowed me to lose 59 pounds, and reverse many of my health issues. What a blessing!

2: At 50 years of age, I still have BOTH of my parents, and they are in very good health!

3: For a wonderful sister, who is there through thick and thin! Where would I be without her love and support?

4: I have a warm roof over my head. I watch the news and see the many homeless this season, and realize that but for the grace of God, I could easily be one of them!

5: For the plenty on my table. God has blessed me with an abundance, to such extent that I became a glutton and was nearly 200 pounds overweight!!! I have since learned to eat in moderation, and to be thankful for each morsel that He gives me!

6: For warm clothing on my back. I saw a young child and mother the other day at Walmart, begging for money for a coat for the little boy. I wouldn't give them the money, but I took them inside and paid for the child's coat. It was $25. A small price to pay from my pocket. And the pair was so grateful, the mother cried. Again, but for the grace of God, I could be the one cold!

7: For a job! I know, I work for myself. And I don't make alot of money. But my dh and I get by! We have learned to live within our income. We neither borrow nor use credit. I get to work from home. And I get to do what I love most...genealogy!

8: For my education. I cannot imagine a life without being able to read or comprehend the written word. I cannot imagine a world without being able to write down my many [often rambling] thoughts! Besides keeping 4 blogs, I also write daily in a diary and a food journal. It seems I am forever writing!

9: For my pets. Always an animal person, I cannot imagine our home without our beloved Chihuahua Chica, and our female kitty, Fred. They are as much our family as anyone!

10: For dear, sweet hubby, John. Without John I would be nothing. Heck, I probably wouldn't even be alove today if not for John! When we met 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer [no, I never smoked!] and was given a 6-month prognosis. I say love healed me! In 3 months doctors could find no trace of the cells in my lungs. And that's how our relationship began! Would you believe it's only gotten better and better over the years? It has! He is my support, my encouragement, my mentor, my rock, my anchor. Without him, I am nothing!!! [I love you Johnnie!]

Need I tell you what is the most important of these? They are all important of course!!!

I am so very blessed this Thanksgiving. I have all of my needs met. All of my desires met. And I am loved by the greatest bunch of family members any one could ever ask for!

Here's wishing you are just as wonderfully blessed this day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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