Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Unknown Men

A new Genea-Bloggers challenge awaited me this morning when I opened my email. The challenge was to talk about an orphan picture containing people you do not know. Provide comments on your best guess about date, place,subjects.

The above photograph isn't really a photograph. It's a negative, which I scanned, then using photo shop turned it into a "negative", thus reversing the negative process, and reversed the print and have a fair photograph. It was found in an old trunk belonging to my Uncle John, who died in 1972.

No one in the family seems to know who the three men above are, the location, or when it was taken.

My best guess?

Judging by the women in the background, their dress, hair style, etc., I'd say the photograph was taken about the early 1940's. The cut of the men's trousers would also place this about that time.

It's obviously taken in front of a farmhouse type building. Note the large veranda-style porch with gingerbread trim.

I've wondered if the men were playing a game? They all seem to be concentrating on the ground at their feet. The man in the middle appears to be standing cross-legged, which has led to speculations of "he's dancing" and "he needs to run to the outhouse!"

The area is probably south-eastern West Virginia, where my uncle spent his entire life. But that remains a mystery.

There appears to be several people in attendance to the event. Perhaps it's a family reunion? Or a church group? Maybe a community event?

I even used this photograph to assist me with a story for journalism class when I was in college. I formed an entire 1,000 word story behind what was happening here! [It made for great fiction!]

Perhaps I'll ever know what the real story is behind this photograph. Its story remaining locked for all time. Still, I'll wonder, and play my little guessing game with it. What fun these unknown men give me!

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