Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy 78th Edition - Pony Picture

The challenge for the current COG was to post a photograph of ourselves, or a family member, posing for a pony picture. Well, I'm afraid that never happened for me. No pony pictures! Or for my sister!

Where, oh where to locate a photo of a family member on a pony?
Then I recalled the visit from my Aunt Ethel, in 1988, just before my grandmother passed away. My Mom [Ethel's sister] and Dad lived next door to me at the time. Dad had a lovely riding horse named Sandy. Aunt Ethel, who was 64 then, said that when she was a child she had always wanted her picture taken with a pony. And when there was a traveling photographer who made the rounds near their home she had begged for her picture to be taken. The Depression was in full-swing then, and there wasn't an extra penny to be had, much less the $1 to cover the cost of a photograph.
So, to fulfill her dream, Dad sat his cowboy hat on her head, and she climbed atop 'Sandy', Dad's horse. And I took the snapshot to commemorate the event.
And so, 60 years late, but taken nevertheless, Little Ethel Dreher got her wish.

Here's the photo I took of her.

Today Ethel is 85 years young, and still going strong!


dustbunny8 said...

It's never too late to fulfill a dream!I sure have enjoyed reading your blogg today,thanks!

Carol said...

Great story, great photo! Great blog put them together!

CMPointer said...

How wonderful ~ it's never too late! Love the photo!

wendy said...

Great memory for your Aunt!