Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday Night Fun

Bill West has encouraged genealogy bloggers to write a song about their family, set to a well-known tune.

In acting upon that challenge, Bill, here's my entry. Sung to the tune of "The Twelfth of Never":

You ask how long I've been lookin'
Must I explain?
I've searched high and low, dear
For every single name
There's Dreher, Banet and Benzel,
There's Bean, Wiseman and Faudree
There's been a lot of lookin'
For my fam-ily tree

I hold them close
I'll never let them go
I've got a lot of records
Of my family to show!

I know where grandpa is buried
Beneath an old oak tree
I know where great-grandpa's home stood
Where he raised his family
I know just where I come from
There's no single doubt
I'm a product of my family
Within and without!
Oh, I'm a product of my family
Within and without!

1 comment:

Bill West said...

Great job! another song I hummed along with. Thanks for joining the