Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Genealogy of Jesus

Nothing can be more exciting to the Christian who becomes enthused in genealogy than to sit down and begin a genealogical chart on their Savior. It was one of my very first projects! After the genealogy of Jesus is spilled out completely to Abraham, on his earthly father's side in Matthew. And his mother's is regarded in Luke!

There was an interesting blog posting in the Chatanoogan yesterday regarding this very subject. You can read it here.

Or, if you haven't done this as a practice for yourself yet, may I suggest you get your King James version of the Bible and begin with Matthew Chapter 1 and record the ancestry of Joseph, Jesus' earthly father.

Once you have completed that, turn to Luke Chapter 3, to find Mary's father was Heli [please remember that during ancient times, a man would list his son-in-law as his son once his daughter married, which is why we have the two versions of Jesus' ancestry in the Holy Bible.

This is a fun exercise for anyone to get into. Looking to make it even more fun?

Do a little research, even if just using the internet, and see how much you can find out about each entry! Add that research into your notes.

You're going to be amazed at what you can do!!!

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