Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tips From The Pros: Buying Used Books

Here is another article by Juliana Smith in todays "The Ancestry Weekly Journal".

It’s inevitable. When you become interested in family history, whether you were a book lover before or not, you become one. In addition to family history reference and how-to books, you suddenly have a need for atlases, old dictionaries, local histories, social histories, ethnic histories, or anything that will give you a better understanding about what an ancestor’s life was like.

Book collecting can be expensive, but with online used-book sellers you can get some great deals on even recently released titles. One book I recently bought is still in print and usually runs $16.00, but I was able to get a copy through a used bookseller on for about $7 (with shipping). and are other good places to check for reduced prices on books. Although the cheapest books have typically been used, most that I have purchased have arrived in remarkably good condition. Compare several sites to get the best deal on the books you need for your family history.


Yours truly purchases almost all of her books from I've been able to purchase books that cost more than $100 new for as little as $20. Most texts used are between $5-$15. Great site! - cbh

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