Monday, January 12, 2009

"Ancestor's in the Attic" to Continue in 2009

The following comes from Dick Eastman's EOGN for 12 Jan 2009:

Good news: "Ancestors in the Attic" will continue and even expand within Canada. The following is an extract from a message sent by Dugald Maudsley, Producer & Co-Creator of Ancestors in the Attic:

We've just had some very good news. Ancestors in the Attic continues on Global TV in 2009.

The program will continue to premiere on History Television but can also be seen on Sundays at 7pm on Global.

Here is the January schedule. I will send February's as soon as I have it.

Sunday 11 January @ 7pm - Brother John
A man dying of cancer travels to Northern Ireland to fulfill his last wish: find his long-lost brother.

Sunday 18 January @ 7pm - Spirit Lake
A Ukrainian-Canadian goes in search of the truth about his family and stumbles into one of the darkest chapters in Canadian history.

Sunday January 25 @ 7pm - Missing Daughter
A WWII veteran goes on a quest to find the orphaned daughter of his best friend, a girl who disappeared more than 60 years ago.


This is a fascinating series if you've ever got the chance to watch it! Check your History Channel listings!- cbh

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