Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Who Do You Think You Are" - Coming To US!!!

Okay, so I know I've been riding Dick's coat tails for a while now, but what can I say? Dick Eastman reports another great find! And so, with his kind permission, from yesterday's EOGN, here's another Dick Eastman report:

August 11, 2008
NBC Television to Offer "Who Do You Think You Are?" American Style
A genealogy television program in the U.K. has become one of the more popular television programs in that country. In fact, "Who Do You Think You Are?" has also spun off a magazine, computer software, and an annual conference in London that attracts nearly 15,000 attendees. Some American genealogists have wondered, "When we will get a similar program?"

The time is now. Well, this year.

Quoting from NBC's web site:

Who Do You Think You Are?

The answers lie in the past.

From producer Lisa Kudrow comes a new series that is unlike anything on U.S. television. Based on the popular BBC documentary series, Who Do You Think You Are? takes viewers on an inspiring and personal journey into the past of America's best-known celebrities, sharing their emotion and surprise as they uncover stories of heroism, tragedy, love and betrayal that lie at the heart of their family story. At the same time, the series celebrates the making of our great nation and the people who traveled here in search of freedom and opportunity.

The same web site promises that the show will spin off an online archive of celebrity ancestry info as well as the ability for users to get started on a personal search into family history.

NBC's version of "Who Do You Think You Are?" will be an all-American show, not reruns of the BBC program. It will feature American celebrities and their ancestry.

You can
http://www.nbc.com/Primetime/Who_Do_You_Think_You_Are/index.shtml although it is obvious that the site is still under construction.

***I for one can't wait for it to begin. My only wish is that they would run it on PBS instead. No commercial breaks. And use REAL people, not celebrities. I'd love to see some "brick walls" broken through and help out people who would REALLY like to know more about their ancestry, and not use it as a gimmick to promote commercial ratings.

Come on PBS! As some commented on Dick's web site this morning, in the vein of "History Detectives", how about doing a "Genealogy Detectives"! Judging by the amount of people responding to Eastman's post, I do believe that you might have a viable audience! Hmmm???

Have a great day everyone!
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