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Saturday's Post - Millenia Announces eBooks

Thanks to Dick Eastman on yesterday's EOGN's post for the following:

August 08, 2008
Millennia Corporation Adds eBooks
I have written a number of times about the growing popularity of eBooks (books published in electronic format). Now Millennia Corporation is poised to become a major supplier of genealogy eBooks, thanks to a new agreement with Genealogical Publishing Company. The result should be genealogy books available much more easily than ever before and at lower prices. I believe this is great news for genealogists.
Here is a new announcement written by Millennia Corporation, the publishers of Legacy Family Tree:
Legacy Family Tree teams with Genealogical Publishing Company to release popular How-To books in downloadable, electronic format for the first time
SURPRISE, Arizona - Millennia Corporation, publisher of the popular family history software Legacy Family Tree, announced today that it is teaming with Genealogical Publishing Company to provide broader access to popular How-To books.
In the first joint project, two significant how-to books are now available in digital format for the first time ever:
In Search of Your German Roots: a Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe
Finding Italian Roots: The Complete Guide for Americans
Joe Garonzik, Marketing Director of Genealogical Publishing Company said, “Genealogical Publishing Company is delighted to make its award-winning how-to books available in digital format for the first time. Our association with Legacy Family Tree enables us to provide a valued new audience with authoritative information on a variety of subjects of importance to genealogists.”
Dave Berdan, President of Millennia Corporation commented, “Our mission has always been to help genealogists organize, research, and share their family history. Teaming with Genealogical Publishing Company certainly supports our mission. We are excited to help bring these how-to books to a wider audience.”
About In Search of Your German Roots, by Angus Baxter
This updated edition of In Search of Your German Roots is designed to help you trace your German ancestry; not only in Germany but in all the German-speaking areas of Europe, from the Baltic to the Crimea, from the Czech Republic to Belgium. Like all books by Angus Baxter, it shows you how to conduct your research by correspondence and e-mail; how to work in your own home, at your computer, using the resources of libraries and archives or the records of church and state. (PDF format, 127 pages, published 2008, $14.95 from
About Finding Italian Roots, by John Philip Colletta
Since Finding Italian Roots first appeared in 1993, an ever increasing number of Americans have become interested in tracing their Italian heritage. This thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded Second Edition provides up-to-date information about accessing and interpreting the vast universe of materials available for tracking Italian ancestors and recording their stories for future generations. It contains more state and local sources, more point-by-point explanations, more step-by-step instructions, more "insider" hints and helps, more illustrations, more specific examples, plus an expanded glossary and annotated bibliography, and numerous Internet websites in both English and Italian--all brought vividly to life through the colorful stories of real Italian and Italian-American ancestors. Whether you are just beginning your investigations or have been doing genealogy for years, this guide will help maximize your investment of time, effort, and money. (PDF format, 206 pages, published 2003, reprinted 2008, $12.95 from

Thanks Dick! What a great find for helping us to stay within our budgets!

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