Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Hooked!

Okay, so most everyone knows my three main passions in life are "genealogy, writing, and reading". If I'm not doing one, you can bet I'm doing one of the others!

I'm quickly getting hooked on some new books and authors out there!

These are the genealogy based mysteries! I can't seem to get enough of them! My book shelves are fast becoming filled with the Torie O'Shea mysteries written by Rett MacPherson. You can check her out at RettMacPherson.com Believe me, once you start, it's like candy! You won't be able to stop!

As most of you know, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak is a genealogist I highly admire. Her posts and blogs are considered some of the best in the business! [Check out "Roots Television" for her work!]

I received Megan's latest blog this morning, and I am now so anxious to go book shopping I just might be salivating on the keyboard as I write this post!

Megan recently did an interview with writer Dan Waddell [for those who live in England, Dan is the author of the original companion guide to the popular Who Do You Think You Are? series. And now he has ventured into the real of fiction writing with the first in a series of genealogically-based mysteries!

The Blood Detective is a n idea that Waddell came up for one evening while in a local pub, and he text messaged himself with the idea so that he would not lose the train of his thought! [Clever boy!] And while he admits that he himself is not a genealogist, Megan swears that you won't be able to tell he hasn't been a genealogist for decades with the manner in which he interweaves the genealogically research process into his storyline. In other words, this is one writer who did his homework and passes with a grade unsurpassed by most!

Megan states that the plot is complex. A current-day body marked with a sort of code, later to be determined as the registration number of a death certificate, as well as the realization that murders are to follow.

If you're into family history and love mysteries [and what genealogist doesn't?] you'll want to check this novel out!

I'm heading right for the bookstore! Come join me! The latte is on me!!!


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