Monday, July 9, 2018

Genealogy for Medical Information

It wasn't until recent x-rays done on my spine that I really began to wonder how much of my problem was hereditary. (Oh by the way, my x-rays just showed age related degeneration, no bulging disks or herniated disks, or any other anomaly. The pain really can't be explained, except that I am overweight and stressing muscles.)

My mother had a bad back, and had several surgeries to correct her problems and they helped minimally over the years. After her retirement, her back didn't bother her any longer. She was chair bound most of the time before she passed away, so there was no pressure on her spine. And I am sure that helped.

So I considered her father, my grandfather, who also had a bad back, and would not have surgery, although physicians told him they could ease his pain if he would agree to surgery. He was a naturalist and preferred to do things his way. He wore a back brace and swore he got relief with it.

Lately, I have been pretty much chair bound, unable to sit or stand for long. So x-rays were done. I've been put on anti-spasmodic for my back muscles, and they may do a little bit of help, but not a lot. So, I decided to go on a diet. I am very overweight. I'm only just beginning, but I am down 16 pounds so far. And I am doing yoga for core and back strengthening. Now THAT has really helped!

In my case, I just know that two generations before me also had back problems. We were all heavy, tall, and had uncontrolled pain. But it dawned on me, after beginning this weight loss journey and yoga that knowing the medical history of our ancestors could explain a lot of our health problems. So I am determined to find out more about the health issues of my ancestors whenever possible. You just never know when it might help to know!

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