Saturday, May 26, 2018

Is Saving to the Cloud Really All that Great?

Okay, so one some things I'm dumb as a box of rocks. I'm also at an age where I don't care to learn a lot of new fangled ways to keep my photos. Those are things I really want to be available to me when I want them.

When I told my iPhone to keep my photos taken with it on the Cloud, but make available to me, I thought okay. So I have this single iCloud account. I will be able to access the photos on both my iPhone and my computer. Right? Well, NOW I am.

I spent forever learning how to do this. So, just in case someone has a box of rocks for brains, like me, let me tell you what I had to do in order to access my iPhone pictures on my laptop.

It all boils down to syncing my iPhone and laptop together in order to access the two. Yes, literally my iPhone had to "tell" iCloud to sync itself with my laptop and allow it to access the photos. Once that was done, I can now access the photos. And I can download them into my files on either my laptop, or onto a thumb drive for later retrieval, while still keeping a copy in the Cloud.

For sake of brevity, here is the article that helped me the most. Read it here.

I hope you have found this information helpful! If so, please comment below!

Here's a great book on syncing your Apple devices. A must have for your bookshelf reference library.

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