Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Wiseman Cemetery

I don't have a tombstone to show you today.  I'm not even sure if one has been placed on the grave or not. You see I haven't been able to get there to visit the site yet. I do hope so before much longer. It's a full days drive to get there, but I so want to make the trip!

The grave I would like to visit is that of my dear aunt, Ethel Marie Dreher McCutchen.

Ethel Marie Dreher McCutchen

Born on 25 Oct 1924, she was the eldest child of Henry C. Dreher (1902-1977) and Irene Banet Dreher (1906-1989).

She married Paul McCutchen (1922-1998) on 22 Feb 1947. The couple had two sons, Kent and Daryl.

She was a nurse for many years, and ended her career as an activities director with a nursing facility for the elderly.

She had a gifted green thumb and grew the most fabulous gardens in her later years.

I will always remember her fondly, as she never treated me as a child when I was growing up. She always treated me as a grownup, even when I was quite young! And when in her presence, she made me feel as though I really mattered to her.

She passed away on 08 April 2012. And is buried in Wiseman's Cemetery, Leavenworth, Crawford County, Indiana.

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