Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - George Tennille, Jr.

             TENILLE JR.
Born 29 Dec 1825 in Saline County, Missouri, George Tennille Jr. was the third born of eight children to George Tennille, Sr. [1771 – abt 1860] and his wife, Sally Davis [b. 1796].
On 2 July 1846 in Gonzales County, Texas, George married Anastasia Brown.  Nothing is known of her.
On 7 July 1851, he married Unknown Kelso, in DeWitt County, Texas. [This information is found strictly in the Texas marriage collections, and again, nothing is known of this woman; not even her first name.]
On 19 July 1853, George married Ann Sample in DeWitt County, Texas. Once more nothing is known of this woman.
One may presume the above three women met with illness, tragedy or childbirth and died shortly after their marriages. There is no documentation providing us clues to their demise.
On 7 July 1855 in Gonzales County, Texas, George married Amanda J. Billings [1840-1916], the daughter of John Billings [1803-1872] and Jane Zumwalt [1806-1873]. The couple went on to have 7 children:
Sarah Jane Tennille         [1856-1934]
Anne Caroline                   [1858-1936]
Thomas Conley                 [1860-1925]
Henrietta                             [1861-1914]
Harriet M.                           [1864-1951]
James Henderson            [25 Aug 1866-4 Sep 1866]
Nancy Parilee                    [1868-1903]
George served in the Confederacy during the Civil War and was a scout interpreter for the Cavalry after the War.
He died 8 Jul 1874 in Sedan, Gonzales, Texas. He is buried at the Billings Cemetery, located in Gonzales County.
George Culver Tennille, Jr. was my husband’s gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather.

Billings Cemetery, Gonzales County, Texas.

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