Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

The Bean Family
Hollywood, Monroe, West Virginia
Back Row: [L-> R]: Audrey Beane Harriff holding children Judy [left] and Dicky [right]; Emmette Beane, Leon Loper

Middle Row: [L->R]: Ozella Livesay [sister of Ada Burdette Bean]; Margaret Beane Loper;
Mary Faudree Beane; John Bean Sr. holding sons Edsel [left] and Buster [right]

Front Row: [L->R]: Hugh Burdette; John Beane Jr., Clara Livesay, and Betty Miller Beane.


The Sis said...

Awesome picture!!

is this the same porch as the photo last week of your Grandpa Bean and Mr. Burdette? Same day? Whose house?

Also, who is Clara Livesay?

Always enjoy your blog!! :) Mandy

Joan said...

and I loved the saddle shoes, brought back memories of brushing the nylon anklets until they were furry bunnies around our ankles.