Friday, July 30, 2010

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Today I'd like to introduce you to Will's Genealogy Blog. This blog is written by Will Haskell whose profile reads as follows: Will Haskell - Born and raised in Maine, full-time professional civil engineer, part-time genealogist, interested in sharing family history research.

The Header of the blog reads: "Will's Genealogy Blog  - Family history blog focusing on genealogy and artifacts for several surnames, including: Ackerman, Brooks, Cabot, Haskell, Holbrook, MacKenzie, Merrill and others. My interest was sparked by my grandmother's research and collection of artifacts that were stashed away in an old slant top desk that is now at my Dad's house."

Ahh... a genealogy researcher much like myself, whose interest was sparked by a familial "hand-me-down"! [What could be more fun???]

Will Haskell is inciteful, and a purely fun read to see how another researcher thinks and utilizes the old noggin' in attempting to unravel the secrets of his families past. Heck... secrets? Well, perhaps not secrets, but things left to discover!

And isn't that what real genealogy is all about?

I do believe you'll enjoy Will's Genealogy Blog as much as I do. Head on over and read it now!

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