Monday, March 2, 2009

More Online Lessons in Searching at

The following is taken from "Upfront with NGS" the NGS newsletter:

-- More Online Lessons in Searching on

If you think you can improve on the way you use, you're probably right. You can now take advantage of free, online video tutorials that will help you maximize your use of this robust resource. Professional genealogist and nationally known lecturer and author Barbara Renick has produced a series of online video tutorials, entitled "Searching at Ancestry," especially for readers of UpFront with NGS.

Each tutorial is twelve to fourteen minutes long, each building on the previous one. Part 1 introduces the new search engine. Part 2 uses a case study approach to locating members of a family on It steps through a sample search while Barbara explains the actions and analyzes the results for the viewer. She shows how to refine a search by layering a search with more details to home in on members of a desired family. Part 3 offers alternate search techniques by layering information in's different search templates to search for common names. Part 4 addresses the topic, "Finding Name Variants,"

If you want to improve your success with, these tutorials are well worth your time! You can find them at: You can also find these tutorials from the home page. Just click on Notes, click on NGS, and then click on Tutorials. We are very grateful to Barbara for creating these tutorials and encourage readers to take advantage of them.

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