Thursday, March 26, 2009


As promised, I downloaded the FREE GIMP program as mentioned earlier. I also titled 3 of my photographs for genealogy as practice and to get to know the program.

Unfortunately, the GIMP manual does not automatically download for the program, but you can review it for free online. However, I opened the Roots Television video in one window, and followed along with the instructions offered with the GIMP program. And it is a breeze! The second and third photo went much smoother and faster.

I believe I am going to truly love this program. Especially for my clients, who often have no idea who individuals in the photographs are. You can also download the free program at:

I often upload my photographs for clients into books and have them printed out in hardcover. This will work great for that as well! I won't be required to bounce back and forth between WORD and my image program to combine the photograph and a title, or explanation, for each!

I highly recommend the program. However, I do suggest that you read the pro's and con's for it's use as listed on Eastman's EOGN for 25 Mar 2009. The comments are well worth taking a moment first before deciding if the program is right for you. You can view that post and comments at:

Enjoy! - cbh

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