Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sibling Sturday

For most of my growing years, thee was only me and my little sister, Eydie. It wasn't until I was married that my little brothers came along. So, when I think of childhood, this is the photograph that comes to mind.
That's me on the left, Mommy, and Eydie in her lap. Grandma Dreher crocheted the little dresses we were wearing, and Mommy sewed the pretty skirt suit she was wearing.
My Mommy was such a pretty thing! And look at Eydie! I always thought she was my personal doll baby! Although we're 22 months apart, she put up with me playing dress up with her! I used to dress her up in whatever I could find to put on her!
Daddy was gone at sea a lot. So my family memories have more to do with the three of us as I was little.

Eydie and I were the little girls who put "girl smell" all over Daddy's pillow so that when he came home, he'd remember how we smelled and not forget us when he had to leave again!

It was a treasured childhood. And I had the bestest little sister in the whole wide world! Love you Sis!

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