Saturday, April 27, 2013

Surname Saturday

Do you know the origin of your surname?

Our family's surname [my married surname] is Henry. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the surname HENRY:
Henry is an English male given name and a surname, borrowed from Old French, originally of Germanic origin (Haimirich) from the elements haim (“‘home’”) and ric (“‘ruler’”). Equivalents in other languages are Henrik (Scandinavian), Heinrich (German), Eanruig (Scots Gaelic), Anraí (Irish), Enrico (Italian), Henri (Modern French), Enrique (Spanish), Henrik (Hungarian), Henryk (Polish), Henning (Swedish) and Henrique (Portuguese).

Although hubby has not done a DNA study yet, hopefully soon, we know from research that his earliest known Henry ancestor was from Scotland. As was probably my paternal family line, Bean [there or Ireland]. My maternal family line, Dreher.

What about family?

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