Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Memories - Uncle Art

Word has reached us that Uncle Art died sometime in the last two weeks.
Several years ago, Art distanced himself from the family. No one really understood why. But one of the last things he ever spoke to me was that “when I die, no one’s gonna know about it till weeks or months afterward. I don’t want anybody moaning and grieving over me!”
And that’s just how it was.
While I wasn’t close to him, barely knew him actually, he was still my Mother’s older brother, and Mama grieves the loss of yet another sibling. This leaves just her and one other sibling from the family of five children that remains living; Mama being the baby of the bunch, feels the loss tremendously.
Arthur Calvin Dreher
Born 29 Mar 1926, Indiana
Died Jan 2013, Arizona
Son of Henry Condar Dreher [1902-1977] and Irene Caroline Banet Dreher [1906-1989]
Rest in peace Uncle Art.

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