Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Oct. 7, 2009

Emanuel Clements and Martha Balch Hardin

Emanuel Clements was born 1813 in Kentucky and died 1864 in Texas. His wife, Martha Balch Hardin, was born 1817 in Tennessee, and died 1867 in Texas. [Martha was the sister of James Gibson Hardin, the father of infamous old-west gunslinger, John Wesley Hardin.]

Emanuel and Martha were married in 1836 in Marshall County, Mississippi. They had 11 children:

Benjamin [1837-1858]

William Barnett [1839-1862]

Mary Jane Rebecca [1841-1919]

James Thomas "Jim" [1843-1897]

Emanuel D. "Manny" [1845-1887]

Martha Elmyra [1845-1846]

Margaret Ann [1847-1851]

Joseph Hardin [1849-1927]

Minerva Elizabeth [1851-1928]

John Gipson "Gip" [1854-1932]

Frances Emily [1857-1858]

"Jim" was perhaps the most "well-known" of the Clements sons. Known for having ridden with John Wesley Hardin. However, Manny and Gip also rode with him.

Emanuel was a farmer. His brother John passed way, leaving behind his orphaned children, and Emanuel and his wife, Martha, took those children in and raised them along with their own 11 children.

Emanuel and Martha were my husband's gr-gr-gr-grandparents.

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