Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reed's Mill

Larry Mustain at Reed's Mill
Located on Second Creek, in Monroe County, West Virginia, this old mill has been in continuous operation since 1792. It is believed to be the oldest continuous running mill in the United States.

The mill has been in the same family since the 1920's. Today's owner is Larry Mustain. [Larry was the principal at the local junior high school when my children attended it a few years back]. Today you can find him most any time at the mill!

Many years ago, when folks arrived by horse and wagon, my own grandpa purchased his cornmeal, flour and buckwheat at Reed's Mill.

A charming tale is told about the previous owner, Aubrey Reed. It is said that President Franklin Roosevelt had arrived for a visit at the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs. He requested cornbread on his menu. The cook staff, knowing the finest meal could be purchased at Reed's Mill, sent for a bag. When Aubrey was told to hurry up and fetch the cornmeal, he replied: "I don't care who it's for! He'll just have to wait his turn like ever'body else!"

My Dad tells about going to the mill when he was a child with his Daddy and getting huge bags of flour and cornmeal, a staple in the day. At one time, the family lived just across the lane from the mill, and Grandpa ran the little store that used to be just down from it.

Eyewitness News did a great little video on the mill. You can watch it here.

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