Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Old El Paso Photographs Need Names!

Another EOGN post from Dick Eastman, on 28 December!

Public Asked to Identify Relatives Shown in Old El Paso Photographs

A photographer who chronicled life in the southwest captured the images but we don't know who all those people are who posed for the pictures. You may have the answer.

"[Construction] workers found a number of boxes of old negatives in a storage area when they were wrecking out the inside of the building and they took them to the pawn shop and asked whether they were worth anything," said Claudia Rivers of University of Texas El Paso's Special Collections.

Some 50,000 negatives photos are now part of a special collection at the University of Texas at El Paso. They're from a photography studio that for 70 years captured life on the border.
Dated but without names. So the university turned to the public to help solve the mystery. The photographs are displayed online, in the El Paso newspaper and at malls. You can read more in the web site at

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