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Save This & Keep It Handy!

This is another post by Dick Eastman from earlier this week. You should probably save this information and keep it handy by your computer for future referencing!

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Online Genealogy Dictionaries and Lists

I have been collecting URLs (Web addresses) of various online dictionaries and lists that are useful to genealogists. These are useful when trying to decode foreign or obsolete words often found in genealogy work. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Encyclopedia of Genealogy: (Disclaimer: This is a site that I created but the data has been created by many different people. In fact, you can also add data to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy.)

Abbreviations Found in Genealogy:
FamilySearch has an extensive list at
Other lists may be found at : and and and

A List of Occupations, many of which are archaic. You can discover what your ancestor really did at: (with emphasis on England and its 16th and 17th century colonies ) and and and and

“Cousinship” - What is a second cousin twice removed? This and other cousin relationships are explained at

Cyndi's List of Medical Terms:

Archaic Medical Terms, Diseases and Causes of Death: and and the MedTerms Dictionary with both modern and obsolete terminology at and and and and

Glossar: Die Familie: An annotated English-German glossary of terms frequently found in genealogy research:

Meanings and origins of first names - an etymology (the origin of words) and list of the most popular names:

Old handwriting in genealogy research (with images of handwriting samples):

Old Style Abbreviations - Proper Names (with images of handwriting samples):

Abbreviations on Gravestones:
Military Abbreviations Found on U.S. Grave Markers:
Cemetery Junction Directory - A directory of more than 20,000 cemeteries, arranged by state. Search by cemetery and family name. Links to obituaries and genealogical societies in the U.S, Australia, and Canada:

Where to Write for Vital Records - Addresses and guidelines for contacting each U.S. state or territory for vital records and documents:

There are many, many more such lists online. You should be able to find them with any search engine. However, the above is a list of the ones I keep handy.

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