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14 Children in 7 Years

The following comes from Genealogy Bank.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

14 Children in 7 years - Mom says: "These are the dearest little things"
Sunday September 29, 1901 Josephine Ormsby (1871-) gave birth to children number eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen - three boys and one girl.

The proud mother Josephine Ormsby said "These are the dearest little things" as she was "propped up in the bed with the three boys in her arms and the little girl lying crosswise at the foot of the bed."

What a terrific family scene - and what a find in GenealogyBank for the Ormsby family history.

Here they are a few years later in a 1910 photograph: Front row, from left - William, Theodore, Edith, John, George & Helen; 2nd row, Mrs. Josephine Ormsby, and Daisy. (Photo courtesy - Library of Congress American Memory Project LC No. #ichicdn n005169)

This article (Pawtucket Times - 2 Oct 1901) not only describes the other children - but gives their dates of birth too.

Nov 1, 1896 - twins, one died: Daisy Ormsby survived

Sep 19, 1897 - twins, both died

Sep 24, 1899 - triplets: Carter Harrison Ormsby died; Helen Gould Ormsby and George Dewey Ormsby - survived.
and lastly:

Sep 29, 1901 - quadruplets: Edith Viola Ormsby, John Studebaker Ormsby, Theodore Roosevelt Ormsby and William Hearst Ormsby.

According to the article the mother was herself "one of a set of triplets"!
That was one busy lady!!!

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